Is hair oil better than hair butter?

(-) Hair Butter – a solution only for low porosity hair (straight, lacking volume, easily weighed down) that, sadly, is not a common hair type. Butter is naturally thick so you must know how to apply it. If you use it in a wrong way, it will make your hair oily and sticky. Although hair butters are natural, they do not work for all hair types. They are composed mainly of saturated fatty acids that can harm your hair if used in excessive quantities.

(+) Hair Oil – a substance that matches every hair type. How is it possible? Among hundreds of oils, there are the ones that contain different fatty acids, saturated and unsaturated. Contrary to butters, oils can include lots of omega acids that are essential in hair care and repair. What is more, they have lighter consistency. Oils are usually liquid, quickly absorbed when used in reasonable quantities. Hair oiling is much easier and more effective when you use oils instead of butters. Moreover, the diversity of oils and wide range of application methods give oils advantage.


What if oils and butters were mixed in one product? It would be a rich blend of natural substances that have a beneficial influence on your hair. Regrettably, it would not be suitable for everyone because only low porosity hair likes butters. Luckily! We can reach out for a luxurious cosmetic in three versions matching every hair type and composed of exclusively natural oils and butters.


The power of natural ingredients ideal for different needs of hair. You simply cannot take your eyes off the tasteful, black and gold bottle. What is more important, you fall in love with the effects after the very first use. Nanoil Hair Oil is a formula rich in oils and plant ingredients, available in three versions for low, medium and high porosity hair. Choose the one perfect for you!

Nanoil Hair Oil is:

  • an exceptional mixture of the best natural substances,
  • an in-depth, complex hair and scalp treatment,
  • a formula free from silicones and parabens, enriched with UV filter,
  • an effective hair-loss inhibitor and hair growth booster,
  • the one and only such a solution for different types of structure.

What does it mean that Nanoil matches different types of hair porosity? Each Nanoil version contains different oils, butters and additional substances that are necessary for hair with specific problems e.g. dandruff, splitting, dryness. A separate composition for low porosity hair (flat), medium porosity hair (frizzy and weak) and high porosity hair (dry and damaged) equals guaranteed effects. We should go for Nanoil if we dream of oil treatment matching our individual needs.


Nanoil is the only such complex and 100% effective hair oil. It is irreplaceable as it penetrates your hair and scalp. It deeply moisturises, nourishes, regenerates and strengthens. Nanoil restores balance that is essential for the proper hair growth and keeping hair in shape. It replenishes important nutrients and locks valuable water inside hair and scalp. Nanoil Hair Oil also works on the hair surface – adds radiance, smooths and intensifies the colour. What is important, it works as a great hair growth oil. It is an amazing beautifying and conditioning product for all hair types that focuses on different hair problems, depending on the version.

Nanoil for low porosity hair – boosts volume, prevents oiliness, stimulates hair growth, stops hair loss and thinning, facilitates hairstyling, protects from the sunlight and temperature;

Nanoil for medium porosity hair – prevents frizz, reinforces, boosts growth, inhibits hair loss and splitting, delivers shine and defines the curl;

Nanoil for high porosity hair – intensively moisturises, rebuilds and repairs, closes scales, prevents brittle hair, regenerates, protects hair ends, speeds up hair growth.

It is an ideal cosmetic for those who value HAIR CARE IN HARMONY WITH NATURE. Each Nanoil is composed of the best selection of vegetable oils – from 6 to 9 in one version picked from 16 oils offering the best results and most desired properties. Nanoil Hair Oil is formulated without parabens, silicones and other substances that could harm sensitive hair and scalp. The natural composition of oils has been enriched with vitamins, conditioning substances (e.g. silk, keratin, lanolin) and hair growth boosters. Nanoil is the combination of the most hair-friendly components, which makes it so effective.

You can find details on the ingredient of each version on the official Nanoil website (

The consistency of this hair oil allows for using it in lots of ways. It is a lightweight and easily absorbed product that leaves a velvety layer on the hair surface. It instantly smooths and delivers shine without weighing down or making hair greasy. Nanoil Hair Oil works as a hair mask, conditioner or styling primer. It is recommended to apply 2-5 portions of Nanoil (depending on how long your hair is) to damp hair and scalp before washing to enjoy the quickest and most impressive results. Nevertheless, you can also use it for hair oil treatment with different methods. Always remember to wisely match the amount you apply.

Product’s assets:

  • an accurate combination of natural oils,
  • matching three hair types (structure),
  • the best treatment aiming at individual needs,
  • maximum effects, multitasking,
  • works both on hair and scalp,
  • elegant and eye-catching bottle,
  • all-natural formula without silicones and parabens.

Product’s drawbacks:

  • the price might be too high to some consumers,
  • you must learn your hair porosity before buying the oil.